Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A new bill is moving in Congress that would formally shut down the EPA.

Trump banned the EPA
 from doing new business and prohibited them from issuing any press releases, social media updates or blog posts. Now, a Congressional bill could be the nail in the EPA’s coffin.

A Congressional Committee is deciding whether to pass the bill on for a full vote, but if we stop them, the proposal dies. After the unprecedented resistance of the last weeks, representatives are sensitive to constituent pressure. Let’s flood them with our collective outrage and tell them they should be strengthening environmental protections, not gutting them.

Tell Congress to keep their hands off the EPA!

This executive attack on the EPA is unprecedented. During the campaign, Trump said he would abolish the EPA. Last week, he signed an executive order ensuring repeal of environmental protections. He appointed an oil-industry insider to head the EPA who, as Oklahoma attorney general, took over $300,000 from oil companies and then turned around and sued the EPA for protecting the environment -- 8 times!

The EPA was created over 40 years ago under President Nixon. Its mission of protection and preservation of our environment requires bipartisan cooperation which hasn’t always happened, but we need to make the EPA stronger, not gut it. Trump has declared war on the agency and over 450 former EPA officials -- from both Republican and Democratic administrations -- have signed on opposing Trump’s plans.

The Trump team and their corporate cronies are not hiding what they want to do with the EPA. They are vigorously pursuing its demise. But there is one thing that stops the Trump agenda from signing the EPA’s death warrant. Us. 

Tell Congress to keep their hands off the EPA!
There are things in life that are non-negotiable, no matter who threatens them. Let’s stand for the protections that keep our air breathable, water clean, and planet livable -- before it is too late.

With hope and determination,

Dalia, Joseph, Jooyea, Ari, Nataliya and the rest of the Avaaz team

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