Friday, August 24, 2012

AUGUST "Dark Year of the Penguin"

Señora, you who lived in an abandoned calendar
with the windows shut to the march of history,
in your grand shell without a porch
were even the wind stops
to not disturb the silence of the 50's
you who stopped time beyond infamy,
who entered the mystery with a robe of flowers
and curlers on
calling with screams
so many sons
and grandchildren
and who knows,
Everyone lost between Belascoain and la calle ocho
letting the coffee get cold in the solitude of little cups
and now
forced to scare the devil you have given birth to brooms,
that your hands tremble
as you sweep the sad leaves falling from the soul
because after so much ideology
though we learn to program computers,
we don't forget you, Señora,
dream in peace,
we also need your broom

                                                   Jorge Luis Rodriguez