Tuesday, April 19, 2016

GreenStageAlliance: APRIL "Dark Year of the Penguin"

APRIL "Dark Year of the Penguin"

Let’s play death
Let’s play ghost’s
never to be seen!
We enter the offices where we were not allowed,
urinating in desk’s drawers,
Lets go through the cracks of the doors
to their houses
not letting them reconcile with sleep,
repeating in their ears the word shadow,
we dilute,
we run through the sewer pipes,
and dynamite the city,
we remain smiling next to the detonator,
I wait for your signal,
and you for mine,
but neither one of us dares

Jorge Luis Rodriguez

Los Angeles Earth Day

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2016 Los Angeles Earth Day
Westside Park, April 23, Noon

Come to Grand Park, The Music Center: Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles and Los Angeles Department of Water & Power to discover ways you can live clean and go green in LA.

E-waste Drop Off
Energy Efficiency & Water Conservation Displays
Tour Grand Park’s Sustainable Landscaping
Gardening Demos
Educational Performances
Plant & Tree* Giveaways
Electric Vehicle Demos
Recycled Art Projects
Healthy Lifestyle Vendors

*Free trees will be available if you live or own property within the City of Los Angeles. Verification will be required (ID/Driver’s License or LADWP bill). First come, first served. Limit 1 tree per address.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

GreenStageAlliance: MARCH Dark Year of the Penguin

GreenStageAlliance: MARCH Dark Year of the Penguin: That day, classes were much longer than ever, teachers were much more unbearable, the heat was much more tremendous, then, you sto...

Thursday, February 18, 2016

She picks up the phone
and the world goes around
voices dispersing between doubts and fears
voices that call her from a far
and the words are a fragile bridge of madness
towards flickering faces
of the nigth
Like the lights of a city not yet invented
whose streets she wonders by memory,
then the lights begin to dim
But the voices still exist in the darkness,
and the nigth is immense,
So immense, that now the voices
will speak from the stars
and the sound of their lights will be subtle
like the echo of an incomprehensible cry
calling, calling from a distance
until that time
the telephone ceases to scream like a cornered animal
It's useless to ask the operator
the number of the stars,
Because in her head the voice of the impossible will ring,
The song of an unexplainable bird,
and her conversation will fly
towards that anxious voice
that has always called her,
That encounter beyond fears and mirrors...
The operator will repeat
"long distance... long distance"
It will be the longest call of her life,
the only one she will never be able to pay

Jorge Luis Rodriguez

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

HAPPY PRESIDENT'S DAY !!! Happy deserts, mountains and forests from the Joshua Tree to the Mojave from Santa Monica to Manhattan from Sea to Sea from Me. ...Happy Birthday America. 
President Barrack Obama today designated three new national monuments in Riverside and San Bernardino counties.
They are the Sand to Snow National Monument, Mojave Trails National Monument, and Castle Mountains National Monument, and the administration says they’ll protect approximately 1.8 million acres of landscapes, fragile wildlife habitat, historic resources and important cultural sites.
The new monuments connect Mojave National Preserve, Joshua Tree National Park, San Bernardino National Forest, and fifteen wilderness areas previously designated by Congress, creating a contiguous mass of protected lands stretching hundreds of miles.