Monday, December 31, 2012

DECEMBER "Dark Year of the Penguin"

With this job as a ghost
Mary, Mary, quite contrary
Am I here, or not here? What the fuck is this?
Each morning the nymphs of oblivion caress me:
"Get used to it, Idiot,
You have nothing to do in front of the mirror,
You are stateless,
without doctrines,
stop writing aphorisms, and thinking of your folks"
I cares the ivory spine of these times,
I kiss the face of casualty and I despised myself,
I lift the daring animal in which I live,
I throw it in the dark street
of similarity,
Dying its hair eleven thousand colors,
I give it Santa Monica and Hollywood in the evenings,
I fill it with cheap vodka and marihuana,
But it's useless, I'm stubborn,
I am a ghost flying to Havana.

                                    Jorge Luis Rodriguez

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mayan new age world-wide meditations

"With a new social order there comes a time of freedom where we can move like the clouds, without limitations, without borders. We will travel like the birds, without the need for passports. We will travel like the rivers, all heading towards the same point..." 

-K'iche' elder, don Alejandro Cirilo Pérez Oxlaj

High Noon Meditation Alignment Ceremony, Celebrating the conclusion of the Mayan Long count calendar, 5200 hundred years and the begging of the New Mayan Age of Enlightenment.
Little Tokyo Art Districts Healing Center's Tranquility Gardens.

Bring your transcending spirit, drums, musical instruments and good vibrations to synergisticly raise and retain the higher frequencies of the Cosmic alignment.

Let' the heart-beat of the native drums re-connect you to mother earth and the Cosmos. Come Dance with us under the star lit night.
Let's Get it together as John Lennon used to say, and come together to create 'A New Earth" at ADHC Tranquility Gardens 620 E 1st St L.A. CA 90011. Across the st from the Little Tokyo Metro Station.

Kava Nava bookstore is hosting an all night celebration at their Savoy bookstore. We will be co-hosting each others event's live and in the social media, in English and Espanol.