Thursday, November 15, 2012


The Green Stage Alliance 2013 ZERO WASTE CAMPAIGN for City Council District 13th and 14th, is an initiative of Sam Kbushyan, Business Representative of the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council and Director of the Immigrants Charitable Foundation. Sam is also a 13th District candidate for Los Angeles City Council.
The Campaign will evaluate and elaborate a pilot plan to develop a Zero Waste program for Districts 13th and 14th during 2013. These Districts, from Hollywood to Downtown, represents the hardcore of Los Angeles restaurant business and public events, serving a large residential and transient population.
The 2013 ZERO WASTE research will endorse the adoption of pilot food waste recycling programs and the use of biodegradable products at publicly staged events and businesses to reduce organic waste going to local landfills, replacing Styrofoam and petroleum base plastic by implementing use of biodegradable greenware and organic plastics.
We are changing from a culture of waste disposal into a culture of recycling discarded materials. We are in need of educational components for the adoption of alternative recycling programs.
These biodegradable products and recycling of discarded material services provides an alternative disposal system instead of using an in-sink garbage disposal units, since there have been extensive clogging problems involving food waste in the overflow of public sewers.
The adoption of food waste recycling programs combined with the use of biodegradable products aloud for organic waste-hauling to be mixed with green waste at a composting facility and the nutrient-rich finished product is used by farmers and gardeners to help grow bigger and better crops.
3.10 Green Stage Resolution
7.13 Zero Waste Resolution
You may review our events and progress reports as they are posted at
The Green Stage Alliance is a national network of leaders and organizations promoting our Green Stage / Zero Waste campaigns, based in the 3.10 Green Stage Resolution and the 7.13 Zero Waste Resolution of the National Latino Congreso.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NOVEMBER Dark Year of the Penguin

They say I have left
though I still rest in this furniture from childhood
next to the cyclical dust of everyday lies
in the shadows of forbidden museums
where the ministry of fear
raise their huge doors
against the shame of the world
hen pain is a preaching of silence
hen hatred is the bloody nectar of devotion
that only by faith in our dreams
we dared to see
that the wind and dust of history
demands the same value in the market-place of doubts,
that the difference between the pig and the peasant
lies in the stubborn colors of some papers
and we understand that the philosophy was
questioning if the pig lives to feed the peasant
or the peasant lives to feed the pigs,
and now that I am like a ghost
I rest under the same dust of the museums
where they exhibit governmental lies
From generation to generation
From hatred to hatred
From all the false eternity of these halls

shaken by a catechism of madness
so that the mouth of a successive priest
eats the pig
eats the peasant
and says I have left.

                              Jorge Luis Rodriguez