Thursday, February 18, 2016

She picks up the phone
and the world goes around
voices dispersing between doubts and fears
voices that call her from a far
and the words are a fragile bridge of madness
towards flickering faces
of the nigth
Like the lights of a city not yet invented
whose streets she wonders by memory,
then the lights begin to dim
But the voices still exist in the darkness,
and the nigth is immense,
So immense, that now the voices
will speak from the stars
and the sound of their lights will be subtle
like the echo of an incomprehensible cry
calling, calling from a distance
until that time
the telephone ceases to scream like a cornered animal
It's useless to ask the operator
the number of the stars,
Because in her head the voice of the impossible will ring,
The song of an unexplainable bird,
and her conversation will fly
towards that anxious voice
that has always called her,
That encounter beyond fears and mirrors...
The operator will repeat
"long distance... long distance"
It will be the longest call of her life,
the only one she will never be able to pay

Jorge Luis Rodriguez


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