Friday, September 19, 2014

Green Stage Alliance is Crossing the USA/Mexico Border

This Saturday September 20, 2014 while Anti-Illegal Alien Groups call to Shut Down US Border With Mexico the Green Stage Alliance cross the Border to begin a cultural academic exchange between the City of Los Angeles and the City of Rosarito.

A group of 30 students from the CEIYS University of Tijuana will plant 30 trees at the Plaza Emiliano Zapata in North Rosarito. The trees were donated today by Parque Morelos of Tijuana .This program is lead on site by Paco Pasillas of Corner Bistro.
 This crosscultural operations are lead by Carmelo Alvarez, programs director of Stage Of The Arts, Inc., and Kat Roman, director of Green Artist International collective; founder members of the Green Stage Alliance educational programs, gathering artists, performers and educators to implement hands-on grassroot environmental changes.

All photos by Kat Roman
The Plaza Emiliano Zapata has been hit by economic and social deterioration. Our work in progress is restauration by beautification in an artistic process. Creating open gallery spaces for community development, presenting art installations made with recycled materials, performing arts, academic lectures...  
The location may be renamed Plaza Cultural Zapata. The actual Green Stage Alliance (Alianza Escena Verde) headquarters are located in a house by the Playas de Rosarito for working and living space few feet from the sea in Mexico.

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