Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Resolution 3.10- Green Stage Resolution

Resolution 3.10 - Green Stage Resolution
This Resolution was Approved By the National Latino Congreso on Day 3, Saturday, September 8, 2006

Author: Mr. Jorge Luis Rodriguez
Organization: Stage of the Arts, Inc.
Phone: (323) 662-3750 Email Address:

We, the 2006 National Latino Congress, resolve to endorse the adoption of pilot food waste recycling programs and the use of biodegradable products at publicly staged events and businesses to reduce organic waste going to local landfills. We are changing from a culture of waste disposal into a culture of recycling discarded materials. We are in need of educational components for the adoption of alternative recycling programs.Whereas these biodegradable products and recycling of discarded material services provides an alternative disposal system instead of using an in-sink garbage disposal units, since there have been extensive clogging problems involving food waste in the overflow of public sewers.Whereas the adoption of food waste recycling programs combined with the use of biodegradable products aloud for organic waste-hauling to be mixed with green waste at a composting facility and the nutrient-rich finished product is used by farmers and gardeners to help grow bigger and better crops.Whereas the compost from organic waste can also be recycled by alternative resources technologies to develop sustainable design creating a new workforce for industries that provide for renewable bio-mass energy.
1. We resolve to give priority to government and general business contractual services replacing Styrofoam and petroleum base plastic by implementing use of biodegradable greenware.
2. We resolve to ask public elected officers and public service servants to develop financial incentive programs that will divert food waste, collected from our events, for composting.
3. Be it finally resolved that the 2006 National Latino Congress urges for leadership implementing use of biodegradable utensils made of corn, sugarcane pulp, potatoes and the like in conjunction to the adoption of food waste recycling programs to reduce discard materials going to local landfills.

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