Thursday, March 15, 2012

MARCH Dark Year of the Penguin

That day,

classes were much longer than ever,

teachers were much more unbearable,

the heat was much more tremendous,

then, you stood at the school door

and you waited; oh, how you waited!

But he did not come that day,

nor the following day,

and there you waited.

It’s been said you went to many places,

you returned home wanting to cry,

or perhaps crying,

It’s been said you grew up,

that you live in another country,

and even speak another language,

you traveled through Europe and South America,

your face began to appear in television,

you lived in Argentina,

Got bored of Spain,

you didn’t find Greece,

there was Venice, the Canals, etc…

but none of these really happened

because your only trip,

that one that should have taken you

so far away

as only you know how to arrive,

has not yet begun.

You never went to any place,

None of those airplanes brought you back,

your travel agencies

were mistaken all these years,

You remained waiting,

still, you are there,

in a country each time more distant,

standing at the school door

waiting for him,

thinking how painful it would be

if it all was a lie,

and for so long he has been looking for you

and each time

he gets closer to the place where you await,

you must understand

that for such a little penguin

things also can be difficult,

but he will come one day,

shaking his tuxedo

before the school door,

he will help you carry your books,

he will apologize

for making you wait so long,

he will take your hand

and he will take you back home